(Trump: I know your long game: To Revoke Mueller’s Clearance)

Trump. Listen up. I know your long game. You’re going to desensitize everyone to yanking security clearances of those you don’t like. And then you’re going to yank Robert Mueller’s security clearance.

We Are All John Brennan — Watercolor — Diana Hansen-Young 2018

And while you’re at it, you’ll yank the clearances of those so-called 17 Angry Democrats that work for him. And voila: The Russian investigation is over. And you didn’t even have to fire anyone.

But this is bigger than Mueller, or the Russian Investigation. It’s about the most sacred principal we have: FREE SPEECH, which is a constitutional right to speak freely without fear of retaliation.

You took an oath of office to protect and defend that Constitution.

But instead, you are using the power of your office to punish anyone who speaks out against you. In doing so, you destroy the rights guaranteed to us as citizens. You’re willing to do that, not only for petty personal pique, but because you are desperate to prevent the things you know you’ve done from coming to light.

If you can do it to Brennan, you can do it to anyone, including me. Therefore, I am John Brennan. We are all John Brennan. We are all Haydn, Clapper, and Mueller.

And we are all Haydn, Clapper, McRaven, and Mueller. . . Watercolor Diana Hansen-Young 2018

I don’t have a security clearance you can revoke. But I have my citizenship.

So, Mr Trump: If I no longer have the right of free speech without fear of retaliation, I no longer wish to be an American.

If the press can no longer report news freely without fear of retaliation, I no longer wish to be American.


Revoke My Citizenship — Watercolor — Diana Hansen-Young 2018

Written by

Writer. Artist. Ex-politician. Old woman. www.dianahansenyoung.com

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