Totally agree with you re friends blathering about the model not working. No return on your time. Not worth it. Why aren’t you writing stuff you can earn money on? As the mother of a top YA writer who is working on book three of a six-figure five-book deal, would I like to write something I can earn money on? You bet. That kind of money? I admit. I’m a bit jealous. Not really (you can’t admit you’re jealous of one of your children) but I am, and not as people might think. I’m jealous that she’s doing this at the beginning of her life. She has many years of writing ahead of her. Not money, necessarily, but writing. My generation was more of a slog. And as I look around at all the incredible younger writers on Medium, I have to say that it’s just wonderful. My daughter didn’t care that the model didn’t work, either, that it would be impossible to break into this field, blah blah blah. She just wrote for the process. And the success came. Your creative worth isn’t measured by the end result. I keep harping on that (my first post two days ago was about that). It’s the process. THE PROCESS. That’s what has to work. 8 cents is irrelevant. Good luck. Well-written article! diana

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Writer. Artist. Ex-politician. Old woman.

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