Tobias, this is a carefully thought-out article, and well-written. I highlighted what to me is the key to what he’s doing — exhausting our critical thinking. Every day seems like a new barrage of whatever it is, eroding our ability to not only think critically, but to think clearly. To step away and look at what’s really going on, instead of getting sucked into the ridiculousness of his strategic carefully-chosen comments, clever red herrings that throw us off the trail of what’s really happening.

This Separate The Children Thing — I guess I’ve reached the boiling point. This is just one thing too far. I wrote an angry political piece for Medium this morning. I’m an artist and writer and a lot of my collectors and followers over the year (and friends and family) are Trump supporters. They’re bright, and I thought rational, and they all have their reasons, and I’ve been very careful up until now to respect everyone’s difference of opinion, to walk that balance between lashing out, arguing, or saying nothing and stewing.

Somehow this thing’s tipped me over the edge. I think you are right — it’s exhausted our critical thinking, and in it’s absence ( the absence of critical, clear thought) there’s nothing to check our impulse to swing back. At some point, there can be no critical thought here. We simply must act. We must. It’s not who, maybe, but how many of us Children of the 60’s know what the right thing to do is, and we have to do it.” Come gather round people, wherever you roam. . .”

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Writer. Artist. Ex-politician. Old woman.

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