THE SCREAM: So It’s Come To This

I Am Now Dorian Gray. What’s In Your Closet?

Turned on the news. Listened for 76 seconds. Screamed.

“THE SCREAM” — Self-portrait — Watercolor — Diana Hansen-Young 2018

I went to my studio and painted a self-portrait: “The Scream.”

A friend pointed to one of my old paintings on the wall: Not a self-portrait (aw. . . I wish. . . ) but a painting that reflects a peaceful state of mind, tranquility, flowers, hope, a window to beautiful Kaneohe Bay. . .

Traditional Diana Hansen-Young Painting of Hawaii: “Protea.” Acrylic.

“So it’s come to this,” my friend said. “You’ve gone from ‘Protea’ to ‘The Scream.’”


Hello, Dorian Gray.

From the day of that fateful Golden Escalator Ride, where Mexicans were called “rapists” and “murderers,” to a few days ago, where they were “Infestations,” there has been a Stain on the land.

That Stain has painted each of us a personal Dorian Gray Portrait in the Closet of Our Brains.

The Stain — Watercolor — Diana Hansen-Young 2018

When I started really speaking out a few days ago (instead of walking a neutral line in public), followers dropped away like flies (including family, customers, collectors). People I knew for years (or thought I knew)— were now saying things that I never believed I would hear them say.

I suppose many of you see these kinds of things all the time. If not, here are but a few of last night’s FB posts:

The “You are so stupid” — From my FB page.

A woman (“The Pedicure Patriot”) whom I thought was a rational person:

This woman commented on a post by a friend, who pointed out that the separation of children is what happened to her ancestors, who were slaves:

Below, behold a white man, tells me what I am permitted, or not permitted, to do (after I pointed out that my ancestors were all immigrants):

“You Are Not Permitted” — FB post by a religious white man — 2018

And the worst: An article and photo of President Obama, and below, the question: “Why is this man and his family permitted to live?”

(Note: I’m sending it on to the authorities).

Before that Golden Escalator Ride, maybe all of these people actually THOUGHT the things they are now saying out loud.

Maybe they have never looked at their own personal Dorian Gray portraits in the Closet of their Minds.

I was going to write “They should,” but then I thought: We all should.

Check our closets regularly. Take a long hard look and see what our portraits have become.

Gen. Hayden said the other day that the veneer of civilization is very thin.

My Dad (WWII and Korea) said: “Beware. It could happen again.”

Cautionary tales.

The truth is, no one’s gonna Swipe Right on my self-portrait. I look pretty bad.

But that’s okay as long as I’m screaming “WAKE UP.”

And yes, I’m gonna check my closet.

All the time.

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Writer. Artist. Ex-politician. Old woman.

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