My advice: Just send it in. What has worked for me in the past (strangely enough with my coloring books — more “making a living” — is Thrillerfest. I went to the Pitchfest part of it and got a bunch of requests for the thriller manscript but one agent asked if I had ever done coloring books. Of course! In Hawaii! She got me a three-book deal on coloring books. It was a fad, of course, short-lived, but a nice run while it lasted. On the thriller, my writing is too soft. It’s humorous, but my main detective, a young Hawaiian man on the weekend of annexation in Hawaii (1898) is just too gentle. Everyone says “toughen him up. This is more like a cozy.” One agent said he could sell it if it was in third person — almost impossible to get tension and suspense in first person. I might try it. But the point is — there are many Pitchfests all over the country. Yes, it’s a commercial gimmick, but worth a try. Good luck! And let’s keep the convo going. Diana

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Writer. Artist. Ex-politician. Old woman.

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