Intel re Storming the Capitol:

We were warned by Quds leader Esmail Ghaani.

Last night, a reliable intel source sent me a message.

He said: Pay attention to what Esmail Ghaani (who took over the Quds force after Soleimani was assassinated a year ago) said, in a speech to Tehran University, about Iran taking revenge: “From inside your own house, there may emerge someone who will retaliate for your crime.

Yesterday, it happened. From our own house. Trial run. More to come.

Tehran and Moscow have correctly assessed that they don’t need to take military action to defeat America. All they have to do is create or amplify Trump/QAnon conspiracy theories — and Trump’s “patriots” (read: “crazy domestic terrorists”) will do the rest.

The only reason yesterday’s Capitol event wasn’t bloodier was that the “patriots” who made it inside the capitol weren’t prepared to do more damage. My source said: They really didn’t think they could make it inside. It was a case of the proverbial barking dog who catches the car he’s chasing; he doesn’t know what to do with it. Why weren’t the pipe bombs exploded? Why were Molotov cocktails left in cars? They terrorists got in, milled around, did some damage, and wandered away. No Plan B. No central leadership.

Now they know how easy it is, my source says, they’re planning the next action. Think they’re not smart enough to plan something bigger? The best minds in Tehran (and Moscow) are already doing the planning. They feed it into the domestic terrorist networks, who will do the rest, just like they did yesterday. Why did no one catch this? It’s all over the internet.

We are all reeling with the implications of yesterday’s events. We can invoke the 25th and speechify and yell and scream and harden the Capitol and other buildings with police and barricades ’til Devin Nunes’s cows come home. It won’t matter. It will be different than yesterday.

My source said: THINK 911. THINK OUT OF THE BOX. Back then, we did not imagine weaponizing airliners. They did.

Ismael Ghaani warned us that it will come “from inside our own house.”

We’re not paying attention. We’re not listening. Where’s the intel? Misdirected? Hidden? Or buried per Trump’s instruction?

Because it exists.

It is now imperative that Biden’s team get the accurate and current intel that Trump has barred them from seeing.

Writer. Artist. Ex-politician. Old woman.

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