great idea about the romance. I’ll keep you posted. I don’t see a lot of articles about POV and thriller/mystery writing. Maybe we should do a post about it and link to each other? It was a hard lesson to learn. i was fortunate to take a small day-long class at Thrillerfest with Steve Berry who told me to put it in third person. Berry’s comment was that it is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve suspense in first person. He said he has never written in first person and is terrified to try, although he may. I tried rewriting in third person and it died. That was two years ago. I rewrote the first person draft to get in more “suspense” and less dialogue (1898 they’re going around on horseback, no cell phones) but in the end, there was too much exposition. Doesn’t work. So back to the drawing board in third person. Thanks for these comments, looking forward to more posts from you. If I do the thing on POV I’ll link to you. best, diana

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