Felicia, this is a wonderful article.

Agreed: Time is the commodity.Not money, not accolades, not bitcoin.


At 70, I know that with an absolute certainty and clarity that I wish I’d had when I was 20.

I evaluate everything in my life these days against the measure: “Is it a thief of time?”

That “friend” who just can’t stop talking about what she bought yestserday, or the dinner she had last night, or where she is going to eat tonight. Or the cashier with an attitude that says “You wait. I’m being careful so my $125 art nails don’t get chipped on the scanner handle.” Wasters of Time.

Thieves of time.

If I invited that “friend” to my house for coffee, and my purse was open on the table and there was a wad of cash (ha ha) — all right, five bucks — sticking out, my friend would NEVER steal the cash. NEVER. She would be horrified if anyone even thought she would.

But she regularly steals my time without giving it a second thought, and I’m easing her out of my life, because I can’t get that time back.

I need that time to write, to think, to paint, to spend with my own family. Once an hour is spent, you can’t go to the bank write a check against your account of hours. They aren’t there.

Fight for that little bit of time so you can indeed, “touch” your art, as in Isidra Mencos’s comment below. It’s easy to displace a whole day with stuff like co-op board business, for example. No one even thinks that they are thieves of your time when they create drama over the clog in the B stack due to their lack of hair traps. Seems like a little thing, but it can suck up four hours of your day dealing with it.

Rather than scream at them about stealing my time — I NEED TO WRITE — I have decided to ease that responsibility out of my life as well.

Time is the commodity. You have to keep reminding yourself of that.

Thanks for the article. First thing I read this morning, and it’s sparked a whole new list of things to pare away from my life. All the best. Diana

Writer. Artist. Ex-politician. Old woman. www.dianahansenyoung.com

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