Contest: Best Caption = $100

Art is Resistance. Words are Resistance.

Write your caption for this cartoon. Put into a Response box. In 72 hours (2 PM EST Friday June 22, 2018). I’ll poll my artist friends, pick a winner, publish the caption, and send the dough. Why? See below.

Don’t Have A Caption — You Think Of One — Watercolor — Diana Hansen-Young June 19 2018

After 70 years on this earth, I just learned something new about myself.

I listened to the news. My anger and helplessness boiled over. I picked up pen and drew what I felt, and as I did, my feelings subsided to a manageable roar. By the time I finished, I was calm enough to take some other positive actions instead of just stewing in place.

What did I learn? Making art is both therapy and resistance.

So. Write. Paint. Sculpt. Draw. Compose. Post it. Share it.

Why the caption contest? Because I literally could not think of ONE thing that said it all. So — you think of one. Draw it. Write it. Compose a lyric. Share it. Post it. You may get the hundred bucks.

Or not.

But it’s gonna sink in. One hundred bucks worth of sinking in, that making art, making words, is a resistance.

All we can do is make our own resistances in our own way, but THAT, we CAN do.

Si, se puede.

Written by

Writer. Artist. Ex-politician. Old woman.

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