Dec 20, 2020


Hawaiian Poinsettias — Diana Hansen-Young

Here is a collection of my Christmas paintings done in Hawaii from 1986 to 1993.

If you’d like, take a screenshot or download (I’m sure you can somehow) and print them out on good paper or cards or canvas and you can use…



Dec 13, 2020

The approaching lights aren’t a train.

They’re a convoy!

In this darkest hour, let’s celebrate this shining moment of the triumph of science.

In the words to that great old song CONVOY by C.W. McCall: “We gonna roll this convoy across the USA.”




Nov 6, 2020

We need each other, walking through this smoking field.

Image by the Author

The sun came out today.

I woke in smoking battlefields

Strewn with blood and broken lives

Covered in crosses and littered with discarded masks.

Scuffed-up yard signs. Graffiti.

Blackened skeletons of burned out cars and buildings.

In the last four years…